The General Contracting method of construction is the traditional approach to building commercial projects. Experienced owners contract with an architect to design their building. Once Castle Construction obtains the blueprints from the owner, we draw on our extensive experience to review the drawings and identify any design conflicts that are present. We also review for value engineering changes—changes that will save time and money by changing materials, design or construction methodology. We itemize these cost savings and list them on our proposal. Once selected as the general contractor, Castle will use our extensive experience, exceptional personnel and proven quality assurance program to safely bring your project in on time and on budget..


Castle Construction’s approach to design/build construction starts with our clients. We must first determine the goals for your project: including time frame, budget, materials and architectural style. These topics are addressed as we interview our clients and get to know their needs. Once we have a clear understanding of the scope of the construction, we then develop a proposal that outlines our services. Throughout the construction process Castle continues to refer to these initial meetings to insure that our clients receive a building that stays true to their concept.


Hiring a Construction Manager is a unique approach to building development. In many ways, Castle Construction, as construction manager, is a consultant that provides services both as a design builder and a general contractor. The difference is our client pays all the bills directly. The entire project is completed as an open book where we make recommendations as to design, methodologies, suppliers and subcontractors. Our clients see all costs, and are free to make the final decisions. In addition, Castle provides onsite supervision and completes contract administration. We earn a fee for all direct services, and a percentage of the overall project cost. This arrangement gives our clients the most control over their project while still utilizing Castle Construction’s experience and infrastructure.